If heading to Deep Creek and you are an avid fisherman, then Deep Creek Lake is an absolute must. The main type of fishing here is Bass Fishing but Walleye, Yellow Perch, and Bluegill are also plentiful in the region.

Bass are known as Black Bass. They are many different types of Bass. There are largemouth, smallmouth, spotted and Guadalupe. You can find Bass in streams, rivers, lakes, and creeks and both the large and smallmouth bass are known for their aggressive nature and trying to fight off the hook so you need to be ready to put up a fight. Also, they are very sensitive to smell so it is very important that when hooking your bait you do not have any sunscreens, chemicals, tobacco or other strong smells on your fingers.

The bluegill fish is another fun and exciting fish to catch. They also fight aggressively for their size but are easy to catch. They are some of the most populated fish in the USA. They are simple to clean and cut which makes them a great fish to catch. They also taste amazing. If you are bringing kids along and teaching them how to fish, this is a perfect “starter” fish to get them interested and “hooked’ on fishing. And what better place than Deep Creek Lake.

Walleye are abundant here as well. They are mostly and olive and gold hue and got their name from their eyes being on the sides of their head so as if they were looking outwardly at a wall. The owner of Surrey Roofing has been cited to catch the biggest walleye at Deep Creek Lake and it was 27 pounds! The highest recorded walleye is 29 pounds so this was quite a feat! Will you catch the biggest fish at Deep Creek Lake? Come check it out and see.


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