Deep Creek Lake is one of the popular tourist destinations as it offers endless activities despite the weather. When it comes to winter, there are many exciting activities to do and downhill skiing is one such activity to name a few. This activity can be performed at Wisp Ski Resort. With 32 trails made available in addition to a vertical drop of 700’, you will find both amateur and experienced skier exploring the wide extension of terrain. Maximum trails are lighted so as to ensure that night skiing activity takes place smoothly. Skiing is an activity which is enjoyed by most adventurous people. Therefore, Deep Creek Lake is famous for skiing activities for its visitors, especially in winters. There are ski training centers along with activity area for children. Besides, there is a wide range of eateries that serves delicious foods and snacks.

Bear Claw Snow Tubing Park provides fun activities for people of all ages. One of the new activities includes ice skating and visitors can seek lessons, rentals and more. Cross country hiking and regular hiking are the most common activities best enjoyed in winters at Deep Creek Lake. There are state parks offering trails for hikers. There is a Kick and Glide Cross Country Ski competition that is held in the month of January in Herrington Manor Park which is a must try.

These are some of the popular activities that thrill most visitors and others simply visit Deep Creek in winters to experience the beauty and serenity. Some people prefer curling up on a couch with a book, play games or listen to good music during snow falls. One can simply enjoy the laid back life or gear up for some winter activities as mentioned above. All in all, Deep Creek is the best destination to experience the scenic beauty in winters.

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