Herrington Manor Park

Western Maryland has a renowned hot spot for tourists at Deep Creek Lake State Park. This spot is known to be a haven for fishers but for recreational lovers as well. The rich natural landscape surrounding the large lake with its sandy beaches attracts tourists through the year. Summer is an especially busy time when families get their kids here for them to have an enjoyable time.

While a day by the lake might be enough for adults, kids need a lot more variety to be thrilled with a vacation. That is when the Deep Creek Lake Discovery Center will come of use. Children can do so much more than simply wandering through the natural wilderness here. There are animals and birds to check out here in natural surroundings and in ways that children can touch, feel and interact with as well. There are fossils to touch, check out bear paw prints and get all your queries answered.

The center is an educational venue here, which has something for all age groups. Located on the Deep Creek Lake shores, this center has exhibits of wildlife, flora, and fauna as well as historical and cultural artifacts for visitors to explore. The region was a former logging and coal mining region whose history can be traced through the exhibits at the Discovery Center.

The aviary in this center has several birds of prey. The birds here are hand raised and are not able to survive in the wild. Their habitat can be studied up close in this section and people can explore the forests and parks nearby to see them in their natural environment.

The facility spans 6000 square feet and had conference areas as well as classrooms. There are audio visual technology and internet connectivity available here. The Nature Shop here has several environmental and educational gifts as well as souvenirs that you can take back home with.

Besides planning a trip with your children, you could also plan school trips here. There are fall and spring field trips that are easily organized with the aid of the Discovery Center here. You can seek out customized trips as well. Every month there are specific events organized at the center. One can log onto the website of the Center to check out the events calendar and register to participate in such events.

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