Summer time is the perfect time to relax and indulge in fishing if that is your favorite activity. There are several places to choose from but if you are close to western Maryland, Deep Creek Lake is a favorite fishing spot for many enthusiasts of this sport.

Deep Creek Lake is located in Garrett County. If you are planning to spend your summer holiday here, know that it is a popular tourist spot. There would be several people here with lots of daytime activities that go into the waters like boating and other recreational sports. As you need some peace and quiet when fishing, you need to plan your trip and location in this region where you will get that quiet nook to sit and indulge in your favorite activity.

Summer Fishing Trip At Deep Creek Lake

Fishing in the big lake is something best indulged by coming early. It is best that you head out by early dawn and pack up by nine or ten. That is the time the lake gets congested by leisure boaters. Boat rentals are easily available, but they can get pricey. Hence, you would find it wiser to make your bookings early. If you have your own fishing boat and are planning to get your trailer down, there are several spots in the deep creek state park area where you will find camping sites available for rent.

If you are wondering whether this lake is worth all that pain, it surely is. Whether you haul your boat or hire out a kayak or canoe here, you will find an abundance of small and large mouth bass, chain pickerel and bluegills available in these waters. There are fishing piers in designated areas in the state park complex where you are sure to get a lucky late evening or early morning. There are recent surveys that indicate that walleye population has risen in the lake here which covers 3900 acres. Bluegills are larger here and so are the small mouth bass or chain pickerel.

When it comes to accommodation there are several rental homes here as well as camping lots by the lake shore. You can accordingly plan to stay at a camping site or hire a cabin in the State Park. If you wish to have cheaper accommodation options, look at Herrington Manor State Park, which also has a 43-acre lake where fishing is abundant as well. Here the costs of accommodation are cheaper. You will also get to check out the nearby Broadford Lake here.

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