Swallow Falls State Park`

Situated near the banks of the Youghiogheny River, Swallow Falls State Park has best of sceneries to offer. The Youghiogheny is one of the best rivers known for its scenic beauty. The State Park includes 3 waterfalls, abundant wildlife, and idols of ancient white pine and hemlock. It is quite a beautiful landscape that attracts numerous tourists. Besides, there is no dearth when it comes to recreational activities.

The area was known as the hunting grounds once upon a time of Garrett County leader. It included renowned author and hunter Meshach Browning. It was named after Muddy Creek for its distinctive shades as it merges with the river flowing north side within the park. The creek is the combination of vegetation and tannins that offer the brown tint. Undoubtedly, Muddy Creek is the tallest waterfall and free falling with a height of around 53 feet in Maryland. The rocks forming this impressive view dates back to the Pennsylvanian Period. It is over 300 million years old and the leaders named it as Swallow Falls as it has best flocks with cliff swallows. The stone pillar right beside the waterfalls known as Swallow Rock was their ideal spot for nesting.

Swallow Falls is situated in Garrett State Forest and is the state-owned forests. About 2000 acres were given away in 1906 by brothers John and Robert Garrett for wildlife protection and improvement of forestry. The area was once home to CCC camp, which stands for Civilian Conservation Corps. The program was developed with an objective of providing jobs for unemployed people during the Great Depression period. There were numerous projects successfully completed by the CCC member at Swallow Falls along with Herrington Manor, its sister park.


There are many activities made available for visitors to Swallow Falls State Park regardless of the season. The River Youghiogheny provides best of fishing opportunities for people. Skiers and hikers can make use of the Herrington Manor and Swallow Falls Park as they are connected to each other. There is a Canyon Trail, which offers many activities such as hiking and more. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture best glimpses here. During early summer, the trail is well decorated and the area has a spectacular view even during winters. You can simply relax or hike as it has a covered pavilion that is best suited for picnics. If you are a pet lover, you will be happy to know that pets are permitted in the campground.

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This is a wonderful state park located in the state of Maryland. Based around the Deep Creek Lake this is a recreational holiday destination for many. You could indulge in different outdoor activities like fishing, boating, biking or hiking around this area. Not only do you have a scenic lake to check out, but trails and forest areas around it as well. There are flora and fauna waiting to be discovered, miles of trails as well as a sandy beach by the water side. Children will have much to do and discover at the Deep Creek state park.

Discovery Center

This is a large facility located in the state park, which has interactive exhibits. Kids will love the wildlife kept here such as black bears, foxes, turtles and others as well as aviaries that are full of different birds. They can touch, feel, learn and have fun to ask questions as well.

Cranesville Swamp

This is a burial peat bog that lies close to the state park. Formed from the Pleistocene Epoch era or the ice age, the swamp has cooler and wetter areas than surrounding regions.

Outdoor activities

The Deep Creek area has no shortage of recreational facilities on offer. You will find carriage and horseback rides that take you through the countryside as well as rolling fields. You could try rock climbing at West Virginia’s Cooper’s Rock here as well as try the water course at Splash Island. ASCI has whitewater rafting here with a man made the course of white waters that has been developed here. You could even try to Stand up paddle boarding here, which was made popular by surfers in Hawaii. Kayaking is also popular that showcase the variety of activities you could do on the waters and off it.

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